Responsible Lending and New Financial Products


To improve the financial literacy of our winners, we started a successful partnership with 1FirstCashAdvance. It is a company that aims to teach consumers how to borrow responsibly and cover their unexpected needs. Also, financial experts bring in the franchise for a new financial product, “guaranteed payday loans,” for consumers’ needs. Since 2016, 1FirstCashAdvance has helped thousands of people to make informed decisions while borrowing money from direct lenders.

When you check how much money you have left on your card and realize that the amount is less than you expected, it is clear that you are going to face an unforeseen expense. Whether it's a medical check-up, unplanned expenses for your business, or a car repair, you need extra money on time. For these expenses, you may always rely on payday loans with guaranteed approval decisions.

Our partners are ready to answer or your questions about this financial initiative supported by G20 Challenge.